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What our clients are saying

I asked Paul Ryden to spend a week with us in Ukraine. He delivered a wonderful piece that is simple, focused, and contains a very clear call to action. We continue to receive positive feedback.
— Jesse James, Founder & CEO, Global Leadership
Atlanta, GA

Paul just did an incredible job of following our people around but more important, actually telling the story of how they impact these church planters in Indonesia.
— Durwood Snead, Director, Global X Missions at North Point Community Church
Alpharetta, GA

I just got an e-mail from Holland that said they have raised 32,000 Euro for our building and more people are still giving. I would like to thank you very much. All is facilitated by the DVD.
— Rose Gakwandi, Founder, Mwana Ukundwa (Beloved Children Association)
Kigali, Rwanda

The video clearly presented the spiritual and academic character of the school and has given new families a clear overview of the distinctives that make our school unique. Paul was a delight to work with and I would highly recommend his work.
— Claudia Hunt, Director Admissions, Providence Christian Academy
Lilburn, GA