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Word Nerd

My most embarrassing moment on live TV wasn’t really all that embarrassing. In fact, it’s provided me with a great way to open up after-dinner speeches since 1976. It’s best spoken, rather than written, so let me say it for you. Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash […]

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Stay In School

It’s Draft Day in the NBA. And you thought the season was over last week. But I’m okay with it because I like the NBA. I used to cover it as a reporter for TBS and TNT back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But it always struck me a bit odd back then […]

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Updated Rwanda Video

I just uploaded an update to the video I produced for Rose Gakwandi and her ministry to Rwandan orphans. You can read about it in the “Africa” blog. See the “Categories” heading just to the right? Click on “Africa” to read the story of how I met Rose and how she won my heart with […]

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Why Not a Baseball Vacation?

As a freelancer, guaranteed summer vacations are something I left behind when I struck out on my own. Not that my family and I don’t enjoy some time away. But it takes careful planning and a willingness to turn down potential income for a week or ten days. Any of you freelancers out there have […]

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Bye Bye Boston

Now that the NBA finals are headed back to the West Coast, are you missing Boston’s parquet floor already? It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. At least it wasn’t when the Celtics played in the original Boston Garden, a sort of museum for the sweat set. I’m a fan of old stadiums and […]

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Sweet Dreams, NBA

The NBA season is finally drawing to a close, and it’s the time to put a bow on the interminable season behind us. If you’re a features reporter and you cover the NBA as I did in the late 80’s, this is the time of year when you take stock of the season and put […]

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World Cup Stomach Ache

Top Chef Masters crowned a new champion this week, if you hadn’t noticed. The winning chef was from Africa, which starting today, is the continent hosting the World Cup, a celebration of what the world calls football (read: soccer). South Africa is expecting some 350,000 visitors to their country, all of whom will eat, sleep, […]

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World Cup Headache

Hey, who’s got World Cup Fever? Neither do I. I’m more concerned about how the first-place Braves could drop two out of three to the Arizona Diamondbacks and their putrid bullpen. But that’s just me. Apparently, all the world loves the World Cup and there’s no escaping the fusillade of stories coming out of South […]

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Of Mikes and Me

I just finished reading Pete Van Wieren’s engaging page-turner, Of Mikes and Men, his memoirs of 30-plus years as the voice of the Atlanta Braves. It reminded me, with every page, how much I had wanted to be a play-by-play announcer when I was a kid. I wanted to do play-by-play in the worst way. […]

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Too Close to Call

The recent controversy over the perfect game in Detroit that wasn’t and the umpire’s missed call that caused it brought to mind just how hard it is to be an umpire. I know this because in 1988, while working for a show on TBS called “The Coors Sports Page,” I did a feature story on […]

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