Rwanda’s Beloved Children

While on trip to Kigali, Rwanda in 2005 I met Rose Gakwandi, a remarkable woman who has cared for orphans of the Genocide for years. She started with forty and now helps more than 2,000, assisting them with food, clothes, school fees, whatever they need. I was so taken by Rose that I produced a video that she now uses for fund-raising as they try to build an orphanage. If you’d like to help, please e-mail me.

Good Samaritan Health Center

The Good Samaritan Health Center in Atlanta is proof that private sector solutions are possible when it comes to health care. Called out of his private pediatric practice several years go, Dr. Bill Warren set up a clinic to serve the underserved and uninsured of Atlanta. When they moved into their new state of the art facility, Good Sam asked Ryden Original Productions to tell their story for potential donors and volunteers.

Bridgeway Christian Academy

I have a soft spot in my heart for quality Christian education so when Bridgeway Christian Academy called and asked that we tell their story, I was happy to do it. With projects like this—and any project for that matter—we can also upload it to YouTube for additional exposure.

Paul’s TV Demo Reel

Here are some clips of my appearances on some TV shows you may have seen: “Drop Dead Diva” (on which I had a recurring role as Judge Byron Hemmings) and “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns.” Oh, I also threw in a silly clip from a Hewlett Packard web spot.

The Widows of Tanzania

Perimeter School and Perimeter Church have had an ongoing presence in Tanzania since 2004. They send teachers and staff to help train Tanzanian educators, they send students to experience life among people less fortunate than they. Among the unfortunate are the widows of Tanzania. Perimeter School and Church reach out to the many widows, along with the men of the small village of Karanse. This is one of the stories I did in an effort to tell their story.

Transformational Business

North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia has encouraged secular businessmen and businesswomen to use the opportunities they have to reach people who the church might never be able to reach. They’ve done that overseas and here at home. One such case is Craig Eddy, who runs a furniture manufacturing plant in North Georgia. North Point asked us to tell his story.

Something Completely Different

The Providence Christian Academy elementary chapel is emphasizing the fruit of the Spirit this school year so each month, they introduce a new fruit…literally. Along with Bible lessons pertaining to spiritual fruit, they are also introduced to real fruit, just for fun. Ryden Original Productions gets to put together the monthly fruity video.

Voice for Humanity

There’s a company in Kentucky that is in the business of recording creative messages about public health and civic education and then getting them to the people who need it most in some remote and even dangerous parts of the world. Ryden Original Productions went along as VFH documented the results of a program in Afghanistan.

Perimeter School

When Perimeter School redesigned their web site, they wanted it to include a quick tour that would not only highlight their facilities, but would give potential attendees and their parents a look at what makes the Perimeter School approach to education so distinctive. So they hired Ryden Original Productions to come up with a fun and informative look at the place.

Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program

There is a wonderful law in the state of Georgia that allows taxpayers to
receive a state income tax credit for contributing money to scholarship
organizations. The contributions are used to provide scholarships to k-12
public school students so they can attend the private schools of their
parents’ choices. The largest of these scholarship organization is called
the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program.I was thrilled to help them by producing a video that doesn’t necessarily explain the program in great detail, but lets contributors know what an impact their dollars are having on the lives of children and their families across the state.


Bosnia-Herzegovina is known to Americans through what happened during the war there. But there’s so much more to learn by going there and discovering what the real obstacles to peace are. Ryden Original Productions went to Bosnia and brought back the story of one church’s vision for the future. Because it was to be used in the US as well as Bosnia, the piece was done in both English and Bosnian.

Global Leadership

Global Leadership is a faith-based organization that conducts business seminars for Ukrainian entrepreneurs. In the summer of 2005 they hired Ryden Original Productions to go to Kiev and Odessa to show how Global Leadership is changing not only individual businessmen, but an entire country.

Business as Missions

In the fall of 2003 Ryden Original Productions was sent to the southwest Pacific region to tell the story of how business principles were taught to church planters so that they could have the means to support their evangelical work in Muslim surroundings. Because of the sensitive nature of the work, we weren’t even allowed to mention the real names of the students or even the name of the country.


Jamaica is not just a place for a Caribbean getaway. There are some incredibly poor parts of the island that need help. American Caribbean Experience offers groups from the US (medical teams, families, college groups) a chance to be a part of the work. Ryden Original Productions went there to tell ACE’s story.

Providence Christian Academy

PCA wanted a video that promoted both their elementary school and high school. But with two different audiences, they needed two different approaches. The Elementary video needed to appeal to parents while the high school video needed to make teenagers believe Providence was a place worth checking out. Because of music licensing issues, we can’t show it all to you but here’s a brief sample of the high school video.

Judgment Training

The use of deadly force in law enforcement requires the highest quality of training available. There’s a company in Atlanta that has developed judgment training systems and, in an effort to adequately market their product, they called on Ryden Original Productions to tell their story.

Lee’s First Mission Trip

There are people who go one short term mission trips every year. There are others who take it more slowly and you discover, when talking with them, that not only have they never been on a short term trip, but they’ve never even left the country. Ryden Original Productions found one such individual and followed him all the way to Romania.

A Long-Term Commitment

Short term mission trips call for one kind of commitment but to work in missions full time requires something different altogether. North Point Community Church wanted prospective missionaries to understand what it meant to take on such a challenge. So Ryden Original Productions joined up with a full-time couple in Mexico.

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